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Caring for your Wedge Block Pro

To ensure maximum life of your Wedge Block please do the following on a weekly basis:

1. Wipe down blocks with a soft towel.

2. Spray stainless steel portions with stainless steel cleaner. 

3. Scrub with a scotch brite pad (ABSOLUTLEY no Iron wool and metal brushes!!!!!!)

4. Wipe down with a clean soft towel.

5. REPEAT every Week to ensure it retains same look and function as day 1.

How to install your Wedge Block Pro

1. Make sure existing platform is free of debris or obstructions. 

2. Insert cam buckle straps with bottom of cam buckle towards the bottom of the Wedge Block Pro.

3. Leave 4-6 inches of slack on cam buckle end.

4. Line Wedge Block Pro up center and press against front lip of bottom block.

5. Loop strap under bottom block thru strap loop 1 loop in front of back of Wedge Block Pro. 

6. Now go down through loop hole directly behind previous loop or go on top of the strap and underneath bottom block. 

7. Pinch cam buckle to open and feed strap through. 

8. Make sure straps line up and are stacked on top of one another.

9. Pull strap tight and tuck away.

10. Test Wedge Block Pro to make sure you tightened correctly.  

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